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February 7 I Read About Two Interesting

February 7

I read about two interesting cases recently. They are not both adoption cases but have implications to the adoption field.

The first one is EX PARTE HOPE ELISABETH ANKROM, an Alabama case dealing with the offense of chemical endangerment of a child. The Supreme Court held that " offense of chemical endangerment of a child , includes unborn children." it is my understanding the child lived 19 minutes.

With addiction being a problem in the adoption field , testing of birth mother candidates is extremely important. If the birth  mother tests positive are the lawyers for the adoptive parents responsible to  report the birth mother as mandatory reporters?

The second case out of Florida allowed for three names to be listed on a birth certificate.  The facts are simple, same-sex female couple used sperm from a known man to impregnate one of the female partners.  It is of interest that the couple were married in Connecticult.

The judge approved the adoption by the spouse and further allowed for all three names to be  listed  on the birth certificate.  Interesting outcome, great minds can differ on the propriety of having more than two parents named on a birth certificate,  but I suspect it is the future.

California already allows for a child to have more than  two parents

"A child can't have too many people who love them." I am not sure who first penned that quote but it seems appropriate here.

February 11 I Heard Of Interesting Case

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