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I'm Pregnant: What Should I do Now?

Discovering you’re pregnant as a teen can be a really frightening experience. Take a deep breath and know that you’re not alone. Right this very minute, there are girls just like you in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, and Dallas who are most likely asking themselves the same questions you’re asking yourself now. The most important question is probably, “Now that I’m pregnant, what should I do?”

You may have thoughts, as many pregnant teens do, of keeping your baby. You have this idea in your head that you, your boyfriend, and the baby will live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that isn’t a realistic scenario. The majority of teen boys who father babies, don’t maintain an active role in the child’s life and can’t provide much financial support, if any. In some cases, the stress of an unplanned pregnancy is enough to cause a breakup.

According to chicagohealth77.org., teen mothers have less education, have poor health, and more likely to rely on public assistance. Only about 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by age 22, compare with 90% of girls who do not give birth during adolescence. Births to teenagers are at much higher risk for low both and preterm labor, as well as death in infancy, compared to babies born to women in their 20’s and older.

These are some pretty bleak statistics and ones that should make you think about what the best option might be for you and your baby. Teen motherhood is not something to be taken lightly. There is a lot to consider and one of those options is adoption. Adoption can provide you with a solution that will give your child the life you wish you could provide, but know you can’t. Adoption can even offer you the opportunity to stay in contact with your child and see him or her grow up and have the happy life you chose for your baby.

It’s a confusing time and there are probably a lot of people telling you what you should do. Your parents, the baby’s father, your friends, and everyone else all have an idea of what your next steps should be. Don’t be pressured. Let us help you explore adoption and the many wonderful ways it can be the best solution in the case of your unplanned pregnancy. Your baby deserves the best chance possible at the best life possible. You do, too. Teen pregnancy and single parenting doesn’t have to be your future.

We can help you decide if adoption is the right choice for you. We’re here to answer all of your questions and assist you in coming up with a plan to place your baby with a loving family who will honor you as the birth mother and give your child the life you wish you could.

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