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Why Adoption?

Why do people choose to adopt? There are various reasons and the majority of them are listed here.
They are the 1 in 8 couples who cannot get pregnant due to infertility They have medical reasons why it would not be safe to carry a child through pregnancy They are single and would love to be a parent They are a gay or lesbian couple who need adoption to become parents They have always loved adoption and prefer it as the way to start or expand their family
Whatever the reason for choosing to adopt, an unplanned pregnancy can be the answer for any one of these and doesn’t have to be viewed as a mistake or something to be terminated. Instead of looking at an unplanned pregnancy as the end of something (your freedom, your education, your goals, a life), look at it as the beginning of something. You can choose to be responsible for giving another person, or couple, the family they have always longed for. The heartache and hopelessness that is felt by these individuals for not being able to create a life is no different than what you may be feeling because you did. You created the life, now it’s time to choose the right family to provide for it. Having an unfulfilled education or not being financially stable doesn’t make you a bad mom. On the contrary, realizing the needs of your child and choosing to provide those to him or her through adoption makes you an amazing mom.

Only those who have chosen adoption, or adopted, can truly understand the amount of love that is involved. That love is made even stronger by the sacrifice, the longing, the emotion, the trust, the bonds that are created, and all of the ingredients that go into this unique recipe for a family. Placing your child for adoption with loving, stable, financially sound parents is a precious gift that only you can give -  not only for the family, but for the child.

Adoption and the Holidays
Why Do I Need an Adoption Attorney?

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