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Why Do I Need an Adoption Attorney?

An adoption attorney is one of the most important people you will meet when going through the adoption process. The process is long and, for someone who has never been through it, can seem complicated at times. Adoption is a big decision, for birth parents and adoptive parents, and it helps to have the knowledge and compassion of a professional who specializes in it. You’re going to have questions - lots of them. Your adoption attorney is there to answer them and set your mind at ease.

The adoption attorney will begin the process by the filing the initial paperwork needed to get started and see it through until the placement is completed. He or she will have a clear understanding of your state’s laws on adoption and can explain them to you in layman’s terms so there is no confusion about what your rights are. Your attorney will be present at any and all proceedings that take place during the adoption process and guide you step by step the entire way. Adoption is an emotional experience and having someone on your side to keep you informed and offer advice is a welcome presence.

When choosing an adoption attorney, be sure that you feel comfortable with him or her. Trust your instincts and take the time to do some research on that person’s qualifications. It is extremely important that you feel confident your attorney understands what you want. Whether you are choosing an open or closed adoption, private or through an agency, your attorney should always respect your choices and listen with the intent to be helpful. If, at any point, you feel you are being pressured to do things differently than you planned, speak up and make your intentions clear. Your adoption attorney is there for you. The right attorney understands the difficult choice you have made and maintains a professional disposition.

Adoption is a beautiful choice, but not always an easy one. The benefits of having an expert with your best interests in mind at your side throughout the process are immeasurable. If adoption is something you’re considering and you have questions, rest assured that an adoption attorney can answer them for you. You don’t have to feel alone in this decision; with an attorney there to guide you, you’re not.

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