Brian and Erin

Brian and Erin

Thank you so much for looking at our profile. We hope it gives you a small glimpse of who we are and how we live.

We realize how emotional this decision must be for you, and it really shows what a strong and caring person you are. Your choice to pursue adoption is the most selfless thing anyone can do. We want you to know that this child will always know what a special person you are to them, and to us.

We are people with big hearts with a lot of love to give and a home that is ready for a baby. Thank you for considering us, and we really hope to meet you soon.


We are Brian and Erin, and we’ve been happily married for five years. We have a son, Will, who is four years old, and we long for a second child to complete our family.


We live in a warm and traditional two-story home on a beautiful tree-lined street in Pasadena, California. Our neighborhood is incredibly family-friendly. We have a great elementary school at the end of our street, and a lively park always buzzing with kids just a block away.


Our favorite kind of day is one where we wake up and cook a big breakfast together (picture Erin flipping pancakes, Brian and Will eating them up, and our dog Charlie licking the floor for scraps!), then we usually head out for some warm California air – a hike around the Rose Bowl, hitting a tee ball in our backyard, gardening, or a day of swimming at our friends’ house. We live for daylight savings when we can have our friends and family over, grill up corn and steaks, and talk for hours (we’re big talkers!).


Education is hugely important to us. We were both lucky enough to attend great high schools and colleges, and we intend to offer our children the best possible learning opportunities. But while we love to bury ourselves in good books, we’re still not above acting like total goofs – laughing ‘til our stomachs hurt or singing along to the Frozen soundtrack for the 634th time.

We both come from big, warm, Midwestern families who raised us with strong traditional values that we still live by today. We believe people should be free to express themselves and speak their minds, while still regarding each other with decency and respect. We always try to live by the motto: treat others as you would like to be treated.


Erin is a television producer, wife, and mother – although not always in that order! She has a lot of energy and is passionate about the things she puts her mind to. She works equally hard at her job as she does maintaining the house and keeping our lives in order. It makes her feel good to take care of her loved ones. She likes surprising Brian with his favorite morning smoothie. Or giving Will an extra hug and kiss before he goes to bed, or putting a Band-Aid on an imaginary boo boo just because it makes him feel better.

She loves to travel and she’ll hop on a plane any chance she gets! She appreciates and respects different cultures and languages. She lived in Spain so she could become fluent in Spanish. She plans to teach our children Spanish as well. She’s an avid self-taught cook and spends way too much time watching the Food Network.

She loves her family more than anything and wants to give them a good and happy life. She thinks that means more than working hard at her job. For her it means being a good listener, not judging, and showing compassion.


He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri – one of six kids in a big Irish-Catholic family. His brothers and his sister are the brightest and funniest people he knows, and to this day they’re his closest friends in the world (5 of them now live in L.A.).

He went to college in Massachusetts, then moved to Los Angeles in his early 20s. Since then he’s worked as a screenwriter for both movies and TV, and he’s been lucky enough to find success and joy doing what he loves.

He does work hard, but he mostly lives for life outside of work. He loves April to October because it’s baseball season (he’s a big time Cardinals fan). He loves traveling up the Pacific coast every year to ring in the New Year with friends and a big bonfire on the beach. But he loves most of all his day-to-day life with his family. To him there’s nothing better than getting lost in a late-night conversation with Erin over a bowl of ice cream or waking up next to her every morning (well, half the time he wakes up next to our dog Charlie – he’s a master at squeezing himself between two warm bodies). It all makes him grateful for the good life we share.


We promise to love, nurture, and protect this child. We will provide a safe and solid foundation to help him or her become the best person they can be. We will share our laughter and our jokes – and give him or her a place to be creative and speak their mind. We promise to inspire this child to be kind and decent.

We are a happy family that can give this child the best possible care and attention, as well as an older brother who will be a friend and companion for life. We’re excited to welcome a new child into our family who will be loved and cherished with all our hearts.

All our love,
Brian & Erin