Charlene and Steven

Charlene and Steven

My words cannot express how fortunate I am to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves. I am Charlene. I was born and raised in Jamaica West Indies until I was 12 years old. I’m from a biracial background. My mother is Jamaican and my father is White German. We were brought up that God is very important and I am a practicing Seventh Day Adventist. I moved to Chicago IL, where I lived until I moved to Los Angeles for college. I have stayed in Los Angeles and live here with my loving family which consists of my husband and my three step sons. I am a fashion stylist which means I dress people. I love to play the piano and go hiking with my husband or sons. What I love the most and is so dear to my heart is being a stepmom to 3 boys, who mean the world to me. Not having children of my own, my stepsons have taught me so much about being a mom. They are the light of my life. Having a baby daughter would be the joy to complete our family.

Hi, I am Steven. I was born and raised in New York. I’m a dad with 3 amazing sons from my first marriage; Samuel, Gabriel, and Daniel. The most important role in my life is split into two compartments. The first is being a father who listens to what their sons have to say. I feel that being a dad who is there for my sons is paramount to who I am. I love spending time with them. The second important role is being a great husband. Being there for my wife to help and support her in all parts of her life is equally important to keeping our home a loving place. I moved to Los Angeles 16 years ago where I run my insurance business. I was brought up in the Jewish faith. I love to spend my time reading, fishing, and I try to be active in a lot of different sports. My sons and I are big sports fans, especially when it comes to basketball and football. I’ve always dreamed of having a baby girl and I can only pray that we would be blessed with this gift in our life.

My loving wife Charlene and I have been married for 4 years, and we met 6 year ago walking down the street near our homes. We have a compassionate, loving, kind relationship. We live in a beautiful quiet neighborhood outside of Los Angeles about 20 minutes away from the beach. We have beautiful mountainous hiking trails all around us. We spend lots of time together as a family. Having 3 sons, 2 Maltese dogs, Sweetpea and Stolie is a blessing for us. We love to organize family activities and spending lots of time outdoors. Steven will be having a catch in the backyard or throwing the Frisbee around with whatever son is home at the time. We also like playing tennis, board games and we like to travel. Steven and I are always cooking. We are a family that likes to have family dinners as often as we can. So cooking is a big part of the evening activates in the house.

Charlene is from Jamaica and we tend to visit her brothers and cousins at least once per year in Ocho Rios. We love to socialize with our dear friends, especially during the holidays. We celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah as my wife is Seventh Day Adventist a Christian and I’m Jewish. We respect both religions and share the same beliefs such as honesty, understanding and love. The boys love having a Christmas Tree. We have such a large interracial family filled with so much love and kindness. Steven’s brother is also in an interracial marriage he is Caucasian and his wife is African American. They have three amazing children.

Our personal descriptions:

Steven is 6’2, tall with brown eyes and in athletic shape. He has an amazing smile and a warm and an outgoing personality. I’m 5’2 with curly brown hair, brown eyes and olive complexion.

When we think about the possibilities of having a baby girl our hearts are filled with so much excitement and love. We know we could provide her with a loving, healthy and stable environment which would be filled with a solid foundation and a bright future. Most importantly knowing how blessed we are to have her complete our life with 3 brothers and parents that we will cherish every moment together.

With best wishes,

Charlene and Steven