Craig and Andrew

Craig and Andrew

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. Our family knows first-hand what an enormous decision you are about to make. Andrew was adopted as a newborn and he feels an instant connection to anyone else who has been adopted and we understand what a special gift you are about to give to one lucky family.

In our family, we view life as a wonderful adventure. Above our front door we have a sign that reads “Live well, laugh often, love much.” That is the way we approach life. We strive to always be always be kind, fair and joyful. We see each day as filled with wondrous opportunities, amazing people and adventures waiting to be explored. We have instilled this joyful zest for life into our son, Tyler and we hope to grow our family to include another child to join our wonderful journey.

When we first met in Hermosa Beach, California playing volleyball, little did we know that day on the beach would be the beginning of a fantastic life together. Today we are settled in Redondo Beach, California enjoying blissful suburbia. Our world is focused on our family and filled with love and abundance.

We are an active family and love to travel, to explore and find new adventures. Snow skiing, fishing, parasailing and horseback riding are a few of our favorite activities. Family vacations are important to us and we enjoy both fun in the sun and snowy excursions. We have a second home on Catalina Island and are prone to spontaneous get-a-ways to relax and to unwind.

About Craig

Craig works full-time as a real estate sales agent. He is a published author and business consultant. Craig loves his job and is continually ranked among the top sales agents in his office, however, Craig is first and foremost a devoted family man who always puts family ahead of anything else. Craig makes sure to take time for himself as well and strives to keep fit running, hitting the gym and creating healthy meals for the whole family. Craig has a large family that is both tight knitted and supportive of each other.

About Andrew

Andrew is both a stay at home dad and property manager overseeing our family’s rental properties. Andrew has always been an innovator and a big picture type of person. Andrew has created and has run several successful businesses including a non-profit equestrian center that specialized in therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with special needs and at risk youth. Andrew is an avid outdoorsman always on the lookout for hiking trails and campgrounds. Andrew’s days are filled with dad duties including the role of Cub Scout Leader for Tyler’s Cub Scout troop, PTA dad and Art Program volunteer instructor at Tyler’s school.

About Tyler

Tyler turned 9 years old in December and if you asked anyone to describe him, they would most likely say he is the happiest kid in town. Tyler is funny, smart, curious and always willing to lend a hand. He revels in laughter telling jokes and sharing funny stories. Tyler is eager for a sibling and keeps asking if we can shop for clothes and toys for the new baby. He insists he is ready to help with diapers, feedings, hugs, and has many jokes he wants to tell his new brother or sister. Tyler even wrote his own “Dear Birth Mom” letter that we would love to share with you if you care to read it.

About Our Home

Last year we remodeled our home from top to bottom and even added a fourth bedroom in anticipation of expanding our family. Our home is a relaxing, safe, serene and comfortable environment. We love the outdoors and spend much of our time in our backyard. We enjoy gardening and grow our own apples, herbs and citrus. We have created an outdoor living space complete with a swimming pool and backyard BBQ, perfect for gatherings of family and friends or just a lazy Sunday afternoon. We even turned our garage into a guesthouse so friends can visit often and stay as long as they like.

About Our Family and Friends

We welcomed two new members into our family recently. Andrew’s brother Anthony and his wife Juliana had their first child a few months ago, baby Vivian. Craig’s niece Keely and her fiancé JR also recently welcomed their first child, baby Dalila. Grandma Elaine and Grandma Nora, along with countless aunts, uncles and cousins make for one big happy family. We are fortunate to have a large circle of friends who we consider to be like family. Everyone is supportive, kind and encouraging. We always want the best for each other and live each day in an environment of mutual support and respect. We live by the credo “family first”.

About Our Home Life

Our home is our sanctuary and family time is our priority. We start our day eating a healthy breakfast together and finish our day after having family dinners together, when we talk and share with each other the events of the day and always remembering what we are grateful for.

Today we are grateful for you taking the time to read our profile. We know you most likely have many great choices and we hope you will consider us when making your decision. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.


Craig and Andrew (and Tyler too)