Daniel and Haydee

Daniel and Haydee

Hello! We are Daniel and Haydee. Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about us. We admire your strength and courage as you make this tremendous gift to our family.

We are a happily married couple living in Orange County, CA. We have been married since 07/07/07 lucky numbers I might add for 7 years. We are so excited to begin this journey to complete our family. Daniel and I meet in college for nursing and have been together ever since. We started out as friends studying our college courses and after graduation; we fell in love and were smitten! We then started dating and the rest was history. We got married and it's always been a fun adventure for the both of us!

Daniel is a registered nurse in the emergency department and is 5'9'', black hair, brown eyes, athletic and Hispanic. He is very active in karate, running our dogs regularly and being the comedian. That's what made me fall in love with him. He is constantly making jokes and making everyone laugh! It's never a dull moment in our household. He comes from a very educated, hard working Christian family that taught him the importance of hard work and dedication. Growing up, he attended church every Sunday and was active in playing baseball, piano (which is actively still plays) and the accordion. His family would travel and camp frequently to various states and would frequent Hawaii often with relatives. He has 2 nieces and a nephew and the they label him as their favorite uncle to be with all the time no matter what. He's also very good at fixing things around the house. “If there's a will, there's a way” is his motto.

Haydee is a registered nurse in the surgical unit. She is 5'6”, black hair, brown eyes, and Filipino. She loves to cook, travel, go hiking, yoga and read. Her parents immigrated from the Philippines and meet in California. They married and gave Haydee and her siblings the opportunity of excellent education, travel abroad to Asia, Europe, U.S., various islands and the opportunity to learn piano and violin which she currently plays. She's also active in tennis and swimming throughout elementary school to college. Growing up, they attended Catholic Church every Sunday and was involved in Sunday school throughout her academic years. She is a kind, caring and compassionate person about life. It's never a bad day for her. She always looks at everything in a positive way and is forever grateful for their lives.

We have both grew up in loving, supportive families and want to provide the same for our child. Both our families live within 20 minutes of each other and family celebrations are frequent. We all meet every Sunday for church along with lunch with Dan's parents and dinner with Haydee's parents and siblings. Dan has a brother who has a son and a daughter whom we frequently see. Dan's older sister has a daughter and they live in England but they stay with us every summer for 2 months which is so much fun! Haydee has a brother who's married and has a son and daughter. She also has a sister who's married with a son. Haydee is also the godmother to her niece and nephew. We spend every Sunday with all of them and it's so much fun gathering us together especially at the parks, Angels Baseball games, Lakers Games and most of all, our yearly travels abroad with the whole family!

We are Southern California natives and own a lovely home in Garden Grove, CA which is sunny year round and close to parks, beaches, schools, museums and of course Disneyland which is 4 miles from our home. We have yearly passes and go frequently with our nieces and nephews. We live on a cul de sac street so it's very private and our neighborhood is filled with children of all ages. We all know each other in our neighborhood cul de sac which is great and the neighborhood kids frequent our front yard and backyard to play.

We promise you we will raise and love this child with all our heart and soul.

We thank you for taking the opportunity to get to know us. We are grateful for you and your remarkable gift. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our attorney, David J. Radis at 1-800- 637-2882. We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best and love to you,
Daniel and Haydee