Jacob and Mary

Jacob and Mary


We are Jacob and Mary and we are so happy you found us! We’ve always known our path to parenthood included adoption and even talked about it on our 4th date. We would be honored to take this journey with you. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us.

Our Beginning

We met 5 years ago at a Super Bowl Party. Mary walked in the door and immediately started playing with her honorary nephew Louis. Jacob says, as he watched this fun loving game of chase, that he knew in that moment that Mary was the one he wanted to make a family with. Jacob proposed on our one year anniversary. Mary was so was surprised she couldn’t remember what happened, so she asked Jacob to propose again 20 minutes later. He did and its a beautiful (well remembered) memory for both of us!

Our Present

We live in The NOHO Arts District neighborhood of Los Angeles. Our home is filled with art, music and lots of laughter. It’s a short walk from anything you could want: a beautiful park, a bike path, restaurants, shops, and several great schools. We spend our evenings making dinner, having dance parties in our kitchen and star gazing on our patio. Jacob is our resident chef and makes a mean chicken soup. Mary bakes everything from brownies to bread but her pumpkin spiced cupcakes have become a favorite and a Thanksgiving tradition. On the weekends, you may find us at the beach, at a comic book or art show, hiking one of SoCals many trails, attending a Dodger game, or at one of Mary’s comedy shows. We love playing Giant Jenga & Scrabble and Mary is the queen of dishwasher Tetris. Our favorite things in no particular order are: Movies, books, music, art, comedy, illustration, drawing, painting, yoga, swimming, pilates, and traveling.

Our Background

Jacob grew up in Denver, CO and later Cypress, CA. He spent his summers with his grandparents in Montana riding horses and in Indiana catching fireflies. He was the first in his family to graduate from college where he started as a major in electrical engineering but realized after a few years that he would rather be drawing and painting. He switched majors to illustration and received his BFA from Cal State Long Beach. His career has wound through film and advertising to gaming and theme park design to land him in his current role as an art director for a successful animated television series.

Mary grew up in Parkland FL and spent her childhood doing gymnastic, riding bikes, and acting in plays. After graduating from Boston University, Mary moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Acting did not work out as she had hoped but she found her second love, pilates. She became an instructor and started her own successful pilates business. She is very fortunate to make her own schedule which will give her a lot of flexibility for a new addition.

Our Family

We love our families! We talk to them regularly and spend many holidays and vacations with them. They are spread out all over the country from Florida, to DC, to Indiana, to Colorado. Here in Los Angeles, we have a large group of friends that we refer to as our “chosen” family. Many of whom have kids and some of them are adopted. You can often find us in the bounce house, on the basketball court, or in the pool with our nieces & nephews. Every member of our family biological and chosen is excited to welcome a new little one into the gang!

Our Future

Our family motto is: “team work makes the dream work.” And we would love to add a child to our team. Putting our motto into practice with a child would be a promise to help them find their own rhythm in life, nurture their hopes and dreams, and support them through this crazy thing called life- no matter what. We will definitely make mistakes, everyone does. But as parents, we promise to own those mistakes, learn from them and teach our child to do the same. We know it will be an adventure. One we welcome with out-stretched arms and wide open hearts.

We know whatever decision you make will be the right one for you. Thank you for your time and consideration. And please know regardless of what you decide, we think you are brave and we wish you all the best on your journey.

With Love,

Jacob & Mary (aka JaM)