Jeremy and Bobby

Jeremy and Bobby

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the two of us. We recognize that the choice that you are making is one of the most difficult a person can face in their lifetime. Putting your trust in someone else to raise your child takes incredible bravery, strength, and most of all, love for your child. We feel extremely honored that you are considering us as adoptive parents.

A little about us

Jeremy grew up in a small, tree lined suburb just outside of Los Angeles. He was raised by his parents, Maureen and Keith, alongside his older brother, Jeff. As a kid, Jeremy loved to ride his bike, rollerblade, swim, and read adventure books. Jeremy also has fond memories of playing video games with his older brother. After attending UCLA, Jeremy got his Ph.D. in Psychology and now works from home as a consultant for businesses, helping to make employees’ lives better and more productive.

Bobby grew up in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He was raised by his parents, Robert and Susan, as the youngest of five children. As a kid, Bobby loved to ski, swim, and watch action movies. He attended the University of Colorado, where he was a competitive swimmer. He then attended Vanderbilt Law School and is now an attorney in downtown Los Angeles, helping vulnerable victims of crime.

Like many modern couples, we met online and quickly found we have a shared interest in family and world travel. We spend our time with family and friends – cooking, celebrating holidays, playing games, watching movies, and creating memories. We feed our sense of adventure through traveling locally and internationally. We make yearly trips to a log cabin in a nearby mountain where we sled, ski, and make snowmen. Our first international trip together was to Italy where we got to see Venice and eat great pizza and pasta - one of our favorite activities! We next took a trip to China where we walked on the Great Wall and also got engaged. Now that we are married, we are very excited to take the next step and open our home to a child.

Our home

Our home is a supportive place filled with love and laughter. We have a three bedroom house with a large backyard that is filled with orange and grapefruit trees. On our patio, we have a picnic table that we use to host game nights and barbecues with friends and family.

We live in a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles called Lake Balboa. Our neighborhood has a large lake, fun parks, and good schools for your child. Living in Southern California, there is always something to do. On weekends, we love to go to the beach, amusement parks, and museums.

We are ready to share our lives with a child and understand the great responsibility that comes with being a parent. We will love and support your child and give them the same opportunities we were fortunate enough to have in our lives. We will treat each day as a chance for adventure, big or small. We will instill in them the importance of family, acceptance, kindness, and honesty, should you choose to allow us to become your child’s loving adoptive dads.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We hope to get the chance to know you one-on-one.

Jeremy and Bobby