Justyn and James

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” ~Don Herold


You are a true blessing and we admirably respect your decision. We are not looking to remove anything from your life but rather to add to it. You will forever be this child's only mother and it will grow up loved by two daddies.

We are Justyn and James. It was on MySpace that Justyn, while browsing one day, found James’ profile; intrigued, Justyn sent James a message letting him know he liked his zest for life. James reads the message from Justyn and was immediately smitten. After two weeks of messaging back and forth they decide to hang out as friends.

In what shall forever be known as a “date but not really a date because we never said date,” Justyn took James to John’s Incredible Pizza. Justyn’s thought process was that if James could put up with an afternoon of bumper cars, mini golf, bowling, and more, that James could put up with all the crazy things Justyn pursues.

Fast forward eight years later and we are now legally a couple with the anniversary date of February 29th; deliberately picked because guys forget anniversaries all the time and having it on leap day means we only have to worry about it once every four years (It’s a cute joke we remind ourselves about every February since exchanging vows in 2012).

We live in Northern California on a small street canopied with tall oak trees, and no more than 5 families in total. We are not all “up” in each other’s business, but we do watch out for each other, and know who belongs on the street and who does not. Our home sits at the end of the street and is a simple 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom home.

Our back yard is the size of a park, but has more in common with a zoo. We have a family of raccoons, a fox, rabbits, opossum, and an all white squirrel that occasionally visit our back yard. It is very enjoyable to sit by the sliding glass door and watch them frolic back and forth.

By day James is a mild mannered finance manager for Hewlett Packard; fortunate enough to work from home Monday through Friday. By night James steps completely out of his comfort zone and becomes Justyn’s own personal super hero. At times when Justyn is on a deadline to finish a workout video, and is unable to cast participants, all Justyn needs to do is illuminate his “Bat” signal and James, being supportive and encouraging, will wake up at 4 am to finish his work early; making himself available to film with Justyn in the afternoon.

Justyn is a fitness professional. Every day brings something new but the ultimate goal remains the same. Justyn does tasks from Mixing Music, Filming Workout Videos, Creating Choreography, Mentoring fellow Instructors, or even certifying new instructors. It sounds like a lot, but in the end the goal is to help people, not just in fitness but also in life.

We are very fortunate to have careers that allow us flexible schedules to work from home at hours of our choosing. We have the availability to support you on your journey and are more than willing to help out however we can; phone-chats, texts, emails. Please feel free to reach out to us and if you would like to connect with us please call 1.888.733.7754.

Best wishes,
Justyn and James