Lior and Diana

Lior and Diana

Hi there! We are Diana and Lior from Los Angeles, California. We appreciate the opportunity to tell you a bit about ourselves and our lives. We were fixed up by a friend about twelve years ago, totally hit it off on our first date and never looked back, eventually marrying in April 2005. Three years ago we had the great fortune to adopt our daughter, Sophie. She has been the light and love of our life ever since. We have much more love to share and we just know Sophie will be a great big sister, so we’re once again excitedly looking to adopt.

We live in a home we love in a really nice, family-oriented neighborhood near LA’s world-famous beaches. Every day, there are plenty of people out on the sidewalk with their babies or pets or both. We take Sophie for walks around the neighborhood every evening, and on weekends we walk to a great local playground and a neighborhood park located in a marina. The park is always bustling with picnics and kids’ birthday parties, everyone enjoying watching the boats – and even sea lions! – in the water.

Diana is pretty much a native Southern Californian, having lived there from a young age. She went to college and law school in Los Angeles and works at a family-friendly law firm. Diana plans to take time off upon the arrival of the baby and work part-time when she goes back. Diana is 5’6” with brown hair and hazel eyes that Lior thinks are mesmerizing. Among her hobbies are reading, going to movies, travelling and cooking. And now with Sophie, Diana has a great little helper in the kitchen.

Lior grew up in Massachusetts and lived there until after college. He then went to graduate film school in Ohio. Having had enough of long, cold winters, Lior moved to sunny LA in 1998 and has no intention of ever shoveling snow again. He loves his job as a writer at an advertising agency that’s only a few miles from home. Lior is 5’10” with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He likes being outdoors, watching and playing sports, and exploring new places with Diana and Sophie.

In addition to taking Sophie to parks, playgrounds, museums, the zoo and other fun places, we enjoy spending time with family and friends. Diana’s father lives down the street and watches Sophie a lot. Lior’s parents visit regularly from Massachusetts and plan on retiring in Southern California to become full-time grandparents very soon. We have four nieces and a nephew close by and they are a big part of our lives. We also have a lot of friends with children, and more on the way, so Sophie has plenty of playmates.

Our life in Los Angeles is truly full of good times and adventures and we cherish every moment we spend together and with our family and friends. We’re really excited to bring another baby into this special life we live and to share our love and the love of those around us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us. It really means a lot that you would consider us as adoptive parents. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please call our attorney, David Radis. David can tell you more about us, the adoption process overall, and can help us connect with each other.

Best to you,

Diana & Lior