Noelle and James

Noelle and James

Our names are James and Noelle. We’ve heard that you’ve chosen adoption for your child. We are in awe of your courage, strength, and love and hope this introduction to our lives will leave you feeling hopeful and supported in your search for an adoptive family.


A little about us… We met four years ago at work. First we shared an office. Then we became friends. And then - we fell in love! We got married last year, on New Year’s Eve, and it was the best night of our lives.

James is originally from Miami. He’s a Harvard grad who loves his job, writing and producing a TV show about superheroes saving the world. Noelle is originally from New York, but she grew up in Madrid, Spain and Houston, Texas. Her dad is Peruvian, so she was raised speaking English and Spanish at home and we plan to raise our child bilingual. Noelle studied theater at NYU so there is a lot of singing and dancing in our household.

It’s hard to sum us up in a paragraph, but we are definitely a case of ‘opposites attract.’ Noelle is full of energy and can overcome any obstacle, while James is thoughtful and calm. Noelle loves to watch old movies or visit museums, and James likes the great outdoors, camping or hiking LA’s many trails. Noelle loves doing crafts, she even builds her own furniture, while James is a history and science buff who can talk about the solar system for hours on end. Our biggest common ground is that laughter is very important to both of us. Whether we are watching classic comedies or making silly jokes while assembling ikea furniture - our home is full of laughter.


Our home is in central Los Angeles, on a quiet, tree-lined street. It’s a family friendly neighborhood where children climb trees on the lawn or skateboard down the block - you can hear them laughing all weekend long. On Sundays we love to go for a stroll in our neighborhood. Buy ice cream cones or smoothies, pop into our local book store and pet the puppies in the pet store next door.

We are constantly surrounded by family and friends. Noelle’s mother lives nearby. She’s thrilled to be a first-time grandma and is already begging to babysit. Noelle’s sister and brother-in-law live here too, right by the beach. James has family here in LA as well — two sisters with their husbands, and a 6-year-old nephew and a 9-month-old niece who would love to have a new little cousin. James’s parents (Judy a seventh grade teacher and Tom an attorney and Catholic deacon) are excited to visit from Miami to help with the childrearing.


Because our mothers are both teachers (English and math) our child’s education is very important to us. But it’s even more important to us that he or she be happy and kind hearted. We plan to offer our child all the love we have. We want them to feel safe, but we’ll also encourage them to take risks and support them in all of their decisions - even if they aren’t the decisions we would have made ourselves. We both have amazing lives and great careers and we know it is 100% thanks to our parents unwavering commitment to raising us.

We can’t predict what lies ahead. As you know, life has a way of changing even our best laid plans. But we have made a promise to each other that we will provide a loving nurturing environment, full of family and friends, for the child we adopt. Our parents have always described raising a family as the best, most love-filled years of their lives. And we’re ready to form a happy little family of our own.