Rebecca and Natalie

Rebecca Natalie 2

We met in 2008 at a restaurant Natalie was working at near where Rebecca lived. Both of us felt an instant connection and went on our first date two days later. We went on our second date two days after that and have been together ever since. Our engagement was in 2009 and we had our wedding in 2011 followed by a very casual official marriage on the same day, spot and time in 2013.

We are very different people that share similar core values when it comes to family and caring for others.

Our relationship is built on love, trust and respect for each other, our families and the people around us. We both grew up knowing that we wanted to adopt children once we were adults and have been open with both of our families about that from a young age.

Both of us have always been very involved with children. We have niece's and nephew's that are our little joy's and many friends children who come over just to play. In addition, we both are involved with the Boys and Girl's club and Natalie volunteers at a local elementary school.

We love to be active outside, travel and create memories. Our dog and two cats are called the most loving animals by every person who walks through our door because we love to love.

The past Seven years of our relationship have been spent learning and growing as a couple. We are hoping now to be blessed with a child to expand our family and to support their dream's and aspiration's.


I grew up in a very loving stable home with my parents and two older sisters. Although I was born in Texas my family moved quite a bit throughout the United States. Moving every five years to a new state was a challenge but it made me very adaptable to many different situations. I was very involved with student council, sports and academics in school.

Sports were my passion growing up and being active with my friends. I played soccer at a high level and even had the opportunity to travel to Europe and play with an american girls team when I was 16. My travels opened my eyes to many different people and cultures.

After graduating from College I had an opportunity to work on a movie in Namibia Africa and travel through South Africa. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after my travels and work took me to Berlin Germany for 9 months after only being settled for a short time in Los Angeles.

All the traveling was amazing but it left me with a longing for home and family.

I started in Real estate in 2005 and have made an amazing business that I am very proud of and love expanding. My family always comes first and balance is the most important aspect of my business, but I am proud I have created security and stability financially.

I'm a very hard worker and always want to be busy either at work or around the house, but above all I love to have fun, be goofy and make people laugh.


I was born in Canada and have one younger brother that I am very close to. Being the oldest of all my 30+ cousins with many Aunt's and Uncle's I had lots of love and support. Being part of such a large family has made my desire to have a family a priority in my life.

When I was 11 my mother moved my brother and I to San Diego California. Becoming acclimated to such a different culture moved me to get very involved in school and extra curricular activities. I was a cheerleader and volunteered with several charity groups. I excelled in school and went to college at San Diego State University.

After college I moved to Las Vegas where I opened up many restaurant concepts over 10 years. I love the service industry and had an amazing time building new ideas and watching them grow.

Eventually, the fast paced life of keeping people happy takes it's toll and I wanted to be closer to my mother and brother who lived in Los Angeles. I move in 2006 and love being back in California.

I have always wanted to adopt a child from a very young age and look forward to sharing my life experiences and love with our new addition to our family.

Our House:

We live three blocks from the beach in a 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom townhouse in Marina del Rey, California. Our house is an inviting warm place to be and we often have friends and family over for dinner and games.

We're centrally located walking distance from Parks, schools, weekly farmers market, restaurants, boats and of course the big sandy beach to stay active. We are West facing and get an amazing breeze from the ocean and lots of light. Even though we are in the big city we make a point to know our neighbors and take advantage of the amazing weather and lifestyle we have been blessed with.

The second bedroom is very large and light filled just a few feet from the master bedroom on the 3rd level. It has it's own bathroom and large closet. The room is already filled with copies of our favorite childhood books and ready to make loving memories to share with our new family.