Sarit and Noya

Sarit headshot

HI, I AM SARIT! Adopting a baby has always been a dream for me. I remember dreaming about it when I was a young girl. My heart has so much more love to give. I am a very caring person and I will provide your child with complete unconditional love. I give back to the community and charities when I can through volunteering and/or donations. I consider myself to be a well rounded person! Family is the most important thing in my life!

SOME OF MY HOBBIES INCLUDE COOKING, HIKING, AND RUNNING. I was lucky enough to find a career tied my personal interests! I am a personal trainer. It is a very interesting and fulfilling career. Either I go to clients’ homes or they come to mine to work out. Health and fitness are very important to me and I am always finding fun ways to teach my daughter the importance of this as well.

Future Big Sister

NOYA IS OUTGOING, CARING AND AN ALL AROUND HAPPY LITTLE GIRL. She attends a wonderful daycare/preschool program and has made tons of friends. Apparently, Noya heard me talk about the adoption plan and began telling everyone in school that she is a sister! The next thing I know the principal is calling me to offer her congratulations. When I asked her what for, she said, “Didn’t you just adopt a baby? Noya just told us that she has a new baby!” I literally laughed out loud! She is just so excited! Noya will make an amazing big sister. We love going to the library! Noya always picks out a ton of books and we just can’t wait to go home to read them. Noya also loves her once a week swim and gymnastic classes. I am always finding fun ways to teach my daughter the importance of health. I LOOK FORWARD TO DOING THE SAME WITH ANOTHER LITTLE ONE.

Noya will be an amazing big sister,

I just know it!

I HAVE SUCH A GREAT SUPPORT SYSTEM! I’M VERY CLOSE WITH FAMILY. My parents are amazing! They supported me in having Noya and now they are big supporters of me adopting a new baby. My sister and her family are also a huge part of our lives and we are so lucky to all live in the same wonderfully family-oriented neighborhood. Every summer we all travel to a different place in the world for our annual vacation. Last summer we went to Scotland and the year before we went to Norway. We are all looking forward to next summer’s adventures—hopefully with a new baby in town!

MY HOME IS A WARM AND COZY. We always love coming home at the end of the day! I love hosting dinner parties in our house and having friends or family over. You can find kids playing in the backyard often!

Thank you for considering me as an adoptive parent. The strength and courage it takes for you to make this decision will never be forgotten by me or my family, and neither will you. I promise to give your baby a life full of love, stability, adventures and fun. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people who are ready to help me raise a well-rounded little one. He or she will have every dream nurtured and supported and will be surrounded by a loving family and friends.